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January, 2014, CuBH.
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Brochure with scientific evidence

October, 2011, CuBH.
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Antimicrobial copper reduces reduces hospital infections by 40%

July 1, 2011, Dr. Michael Schmidt – CDA.
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Alloys registered by EPA
February 28, 2011, Cu+.
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Antimicrobial Copper Seminar:  Scientifically proven for its ancient properties that are currently revolutionizing the healthcare market
October 20, 2010, Center of Events Casa Piedra: Salón Manquehue.

Dra. Valeria Prado
Program of Microbiology, School of Medicine, Universidad de Chile
Evaluation of the impact of copper or copper alloys on contact surfaces on the risk reduction of acquired nosocomial infections.
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Dr. Michael Schmidt
Medical University of South Carolina, United States
Nosocomial infections, a battle that can be won by risk control regarding antimicrobial surfaces.
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Dr. Marco Crestto
Hospital del Cobre – Codelco

Copper Bactericide, a new approach. Hospital testing conducted at the Hospital de Cobre in Calama, Chile.
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Manuel Kollenberg
Consortium of European manufacturer hospital tests

Antimicrobial products based on products in buildings.
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Miguel Riquelme
Regional Director for the Latin American International Copper Association ICA

Introduction of International Copper Association ICA.
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Harold Michels
International Copper Association, United States

Attributes of copper alloys for product development–Public Health Initiative ICA.
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Rodrigo Palma
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidad de Chile

Study on the alloys of copper bactericides registered by EPA.
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Peter Sharpe
Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA), United States

Business case for manufacturing industry.
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Mark Ronan
Quadric, United States
Development of the brand “Antimicrobial Copper Cu+”
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